40 years of Technical Excellency and Professionality

I.T.T.(Industrial Tools Tarcento s.r.l.) was founded by Michele Pironti on April 17th, 1978 to produce band saws for cutting metals. Since 1997, the company has taken on its current configuration of I.T.T. (Industrial Technical Tools S.p.A.).

40 years later, the strong and comprehensive sales network, which includes agents and technicians, covers every corner of Italy. I.T.T. provides its clients the service with its centralized and efficiently organized warehouse, which contains more than 20,000 items and is continuously re-organized. Today, I.T.T. offers services to meet your needs and advises the best strategies and solutions, aiming at increasing your efficiency.

The growing, the innovation and the success of our company over the years are not due to the contribution of one person, but owing to the great teamwork of all of our collaborators. We are looking ahead of the next 40 years and are determined to continue to write our story, which was originated years ago in an unforgettable evening of spring, with all of our technical professionality and the highest level of products dedicated to our clients.

Thank you for helping us to shape I.T.T. as it is today and as it will be in the future decades.