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I.T.T. (Industrial Tools Tarcento) Srl, a manufacturer of belt saws for cutting metal, was established in 1978 founded by Michele Pironti.

Since 1997, it has taken on its current name of I.T.T. (Industrial Technical Tools) S.p.A. with a production facility in Tarcento (UD) and sales and administrative offices in Padua.


Over the years, I.T.T. specialised in the sale of metal cutting and shaving tools.

I.T.T. is now the exclusive Italian distributor of the leading brands in the sector. Its main customers are tool shops, industrial resellers and engineering companies. In 1999, to improve its customer service and optimize the use of its resources, I.T.T. S.p.A. transferred its production facility from Tarcento to Padua where a new, large headquarters was opened.

A new production unit for high-tech hard metal tools high speed processing, also exported under the Yonnex brand, was also inaugurated in 1999.

In 2000, I.T.T. S.p.A. set up two divisions for improving its service to customers with different requirements. One is the HSS division and the other is the Evolution division where technical sales engineers work.

After two years of research, development and stocking, the first YONNEX catalogue-manual advising users on choosing and using tools was presented in October 2001.

In 2006 an H.S.C. work centre was developed to perform practical and comparative tests with the best competitors in order to improve the quality of YONNEX products.

In 2007 YONNEX refitted the production department with new technologies.

In October 2011 started the sales of the new extra-long drills for high drilling performance.

In recent years, it has participated in leading international trade fairs specialized in the mould sector.


Focused on top quality sales and production policies, ITT is the exclusive Italian nationwide distributor of tools and equipment carefully selected from among the leading international manufacturers.

Operating from its new headquarters in the industrial area of Padua, the company also possesses sophisticated technology for the production of HM and special tools made exclusively to customer specifications.


With an extensive sales network of agents throughout Italy and aboard, ITT ships its products to customers from its efficient centralized warehouse containing over 20,000 continuously restocked articles.

Orders are received here, processed in real time by qualified staff and then promptly shipped.


As well as supporting a series of programs for developing its young, constantly motivated and innovation-sensitive human resources, I.T.T. also promotes and encourages its staff and customers to take part in sponsored cultural and sports activities, such as:


I.T.T. has decided to support Doctors with Africa CUAMM for the year 2024, health is a right, fighting for its respect is a duty.
By donating a motorbike and guaranteeing its maintenance, insurance costs and petrol, and in over 150 transports to the hospital, or to the nearest health facility, for pregnant mothers, and 40 tanks of petrol for the motorbikes currently in use in our projects.


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With deliberation of the Board of Directors of 11 November 2022 I.T.T. approved the organisation, management and control model in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 231 of 08 June 2001 and appointed the Supervisory Board in the persons of:
– Lawyer Alessandra Bossola, as president of the Board
– Dr. Antonio Zanelato, as effective member
– Lawyer Fabio Ferrari, as effective member

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